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Best tasting water ever!
Water therapy using Aldos alkaline water

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What is the difference between Aldos alkaline water
compared to other competitors?....s

It is the source of water supply


Our source of water supply come from a mountain top at Kabupaten Bogor in a village called Bojong Koneng. It has the smallest microcluster particle in the water content. We are proud to own the property that we are access to its supply

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Picture of fountain (source of water supply) which lead to our facility

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Picture of bottling
at one of our facility

Hasil Uji Lab

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Is the process of removing toxins from the body. This process is very important because it helps the body does natural self-cleaning process. Signs of being in this process of detoxification in our body, among others are; slight dizziness, nausea, flu-like symptoms, thirst, fatigue, heaty of the earlobe, frequent urination, overpowering smell of dirt from body, turbid urine color, sweating, heartburn, itchy, and sleepy. When this happens, then you do not have to worry and fear, still continue to use it.

When you first consume Aldos, this will be called HEALING CRISIS, a condition that is uncomfortable on the body caused by detoxification (detoxify the body) in the form of various symptoms such as frequent sweating, frequent urination and even defecation.

It will not take long depending on the condition of the human body.

Alkaline water combats acidosis :

It is important to know the symptoms of acidosis because
these are what alkaline water neutralizes.


- Headaches
- Sleepiness / Fatigue
- Confusion
- Shortness of breath
- Coughing / Mucus
- Heart Arrhythmia
- Increased heart rate
- Nausea
- Diarrhea
- Increased likelihood of developing chronic disease


- Weight Loss
- Stabilized blood sugar
- Reduced allergy symptoms and headaches
- Increased circulation and blood oxygen levels
- Increased energy
- Improved immune function - less frequent colds and flus
- Eases stomach aches and intestinal discomfort
- Aids digestion
- Aids in detoxification
- Improved arthritis - decreased joint pain
- Natural diuretic
- More youthful skin appearance
- Excellent hydration
- No bloating when drinking large quantities
- Improved mental clarity and a sense of well-being
- Reduced stress
- Pets refuse to drink anything but AquaLiv Water
- Best tasting water ever!

Water therapy using Aldos alkaline water

Untuk Memperoleh hasil yang maksimal, berikut terapi air minum ALDOS, dianjurkan untuk minum 3 botol tiap hari
selama 3 hari berturut-turut ,dengan cara :

In order to obtain maximum benefits of this therapy, we suggest 3 bottles per day continuously as follows:

1. 1 bottle before sleep
2. 1 bottle after wake up
3. 1 bottle before lunch

This is what is called detoxification program and elimination of poisonous substance from the body.
Ini dinamakan program Detoksifikasi atau pembuangan racun didalam tubuh.


Adalah proses pembuangan racun dari dalam tubuh. Proses ini sangat baik karena akan membantu tubuh melakukan proses pembersihan diri secara alami. Tanda tanda sedang terjadi proses detoksifikasi di dalam tubuh kita antara lain : agak pusing, mual ,gejala flu, rasa haus, lemas , kuping panas, sering buang air kecil,bau kotoran BAB sangat menyengat,urine berwarna keruh ,banyak berkeringat ,mulas,gatal-gatal, dan ngantuk.Jika ini terjadi , maka anda tidak perlu khawatir dan takut,tetap lanjutkan pemakaiannya.

Ketika pertama kali kita mengkonsumsi ALDOS, akan terjadi yang disebut HEALING CRISIS, yaitu suatu kondisi yang tidak nyaman pada tubuh yang terjadi akibat Air Alkali ALDOS melakukan detoks (mengeluarkan racun dalam tubuh kita) berupa gejala banyak keluar keringat, sering buang air kecil dan bahkan buang air besar.

Hal ini tidak berlangsung lama tergantung kondisi tubuh manusia.

Aldos Alkaline Water International Marketing Division :

That's why, we are proud to invest in this brand name and its technology know-how.

Our office at Jl. Condet Raya is the international marketing division for manufacturer of Aldos Alkaline water, PT Tirta Barokah Mandiri

Company website : www.aldosalkalinewater.com

Please email to aldos@selebritishop-jkt.com for more information about your inquiry.

PIC for Aldos : Saleha Binte Parman, MBA

Drop us an email at marketing@selebritishop-jkt.com
if you want us to sponsor your actress
or singer or her upcoming TV events.

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