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Many are in worries as in what to wear and how much to spend when big events such as wedding, convocation, college party, birthday party are coming into their calendar. Many are in dilemma whether to buy or to rent expensive evening dresses which she may only use it once or perhaps couple of time only.

Come to our store to try our range of formal and evening wear and yet you pay a fraction from the retail price.

We carry the following range of clothes :

- Cocktail dresses
- Formal/business suits
- Evening wear/gowns
- Spring outer wear

3rd Fashion Tip :
Ask yourself first what type of fashionista are you before
you choose the right dress for your occasion!

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- A deposit is required based on the retail value of the dresses as stated in the label.
- A minimum rental period of 2 days applies.
- Any damages is done on the dress is considered as sold in which we will deduct money from the deposit.
- Customer has to return our dress to our store based on the contract agreed. Deposit will be return once we are fully Pick up services
of rented dress is available upon request and pick up charges are based on the district stated in this T & C. However, deposit will only
be return after our driver send back the dress to our store and has fully access by our manager. Once satisfied that there are no
damages, we will return the deposit.
- Dry cleaning charge is mandatory starting price from Rp 50,000 to 100,000 per piece.


For heavy dresser, we invite you to become our club member by paying and maintaining deposit each month. In this way, you can rent
the dresses you want by just ordering online so long as you maintain your deposit amount equivalent to the retail price of the dresses.
There are 3 levels to choose from:

- Level 1 : deposit of Rp 10 juta per month
- Level 2 : deposit of Rp 8 juta per month
- Level 3 : deposit of Rp 5 juta per month

Duration of membership : 1 year
Once terminated, we will refund the amount less 5% as administration fee.

For example, when you choose level 3 membership (deposit of Rp 5 juta per month), you can rent clothes which the quantity is equivalent to Rp 5 juta - in this case, 2 dresses of retail deposit Rp 2.5 juta each. By being a member, you can order online and request for delivery & pick up service.

Upon return back the dress to our store, we will inspect the dress as per protocol. Once satisfied, we will inform you accordingly and no forfeiting of retail deposit will happen. However, we will deduct the cost of rental of dress for number of days, delivery and pick up services and dry cleaning from the deposit.

After this, you can start all over again by ordering online. In this way, you can constantly order your dress for rent online method without having to come to our store. You can constantly top up the deposit in order to maintain the quantity you plan to rent each month.


All first time applicant for membership MUST personally come to our store with their valid KTP for registration purposes and pay deposit amount based on the level of membership of their choice.
Customer is required to top up their deposit when it has short fall either by bank transfer or in person.


You need to :

1.- Surrender your KTP or Passport (for foreigners) and pay deposit as stated by Boutique's staff - depending whether special collection or not.
2.- Pay the stated rental price for 2 days rental (minimum) in advance.
3.- Pay dry cleaning fee as stated in the chart for each type of dress.
4.- Upon returning the dress and after the inspection, we will refund your deposit and your KTP and passport.


For every Rp 1 juta you spend at our shop, you will receive a membership card that will lead you to get 10% on yr next purchase.

Use this membership card to get privilege service from us when you buy online
and you can pay under COD basis.

Drop us an email at marketing@selebritishop-jkt.com
if you want us to sponsor your actress
or singer or her upcoming TV events.

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